On November 14, 2004, Lieutenant Alex Dietrich, then a young pilot who had just completed her training, boarded an F-18 jet and took off from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz for another routine training day off the coast of California. Shortly after being airborne, she spotted a slender, elongated object hovering above the water at an altitude of about 820 feet and traveling at approximately 370 mph. The jet’s targeting system, designed to identify any object known to the U.S. military, couldn’t provide a clear identification. The weapons systems operator in the jet’s rear seat also observed the same object. The two young officers quickly began to radio in their observations.

Years later, Dietrich recounted that the object moved so quickly and erratically that they could not communicate what they were seeing fast enough. Although military pilots are skilled in identifying aircraft by their shapes, colors and unit insignia in a fraction of a second, Dietrich insists this wasn’t any craft she could recognize. Additional jets were dispatched shortly after them. One of the pilots managed to capture the object on an infrared camera.

What Dietrich didn’t know at the time was that unexplained objects had been spotted in that same airspace before. Gary Voorhis, a Petty Officer 3rd Class on the U.S.S. Princeton guided missile cruiser, a ship training with the Nimitz, began noticing anomalies on his radar screens four days prior to Dietrich’s flight…Source – Read More!

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