President-elect Javier Milei, a self-declared philosemite and supporter of Israel has vowed to move Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem.

In a development that has been called a “political earthquake,” the ardently pro-Israel libertarian economist Javier Milei has been elected president of Argentina.

Milei, who has claimed “my law is Torah” and studies with a rabbi regularly, has won close to 56% of the vote in the decisive run-off, compared to 44% for his center-left opponent Sergio Massa of the Union for the Homeland party.

Like Donald Trump, Milei (53) is considered a political outsider with a flamboyant personality, and similarly, he has vowed to move Argentina’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Milei has been outspoken in his support of Israel, particularly during the recent war with Hamas in the wake of the October 7th massacre during which over 1,200 were killed in Israel and 240 were taken as hostages.

Sergio Massa, the current Minister of Economy, has been increasingly unpopular with inflation hitting 143% and record poverty levels. Milei’s proposals to combat the financial crisis are to reject the peso and adopt the dollar as the country’s currency and to “blow up” the central bank.


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