It doesn’t require decades of financial expertise to balk at the notion of selling retail air conditioning units in Siberia or lemonade stands in the heart of the Arctic.

That is, even a high-school freshman would foresee the likely mis-match in supply and demand. After all, unwanted assets, including USTs, can often have more supply than demand.

In other words: Common sense matters.

But in the land of twin deficits, pathologically dishonest/lobbied politicians, negative net international investment positions, chronically obese Fed balance sheets, the Paul Krugman-like blue pill of solving every debt problem with more debt and a Noble prize granted to a central banker who pays that debt with money created out of thin air, common sense appears to be the latest concept to be cancelled in DC.

In fact, if DC’s open incompetence (or blatant corruption) wasn’t otherwise so tragic, it could almost make anyone burdened with self-awareness laugh out loud.


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