The more former President Donald Trump gets “hit,” the stronger he becomes, Trump’s legal spokeswoman Alina Habba told Newsmax on Sunday night.

“He’s still very focused on the campaign even though they are trying to distract him from that,” Habba told “The Gorka Reality Check.” “And frankly, he is not a stressed-out individual. And I think that the goal for them is to make him stressed out.”

What does not slow Trump only gives him more resolve, Habba told host Sebastian Gorka.

“I know him personally, the more you hit them, the more strength he gets – and I don’t just mean politically, I mean motivationally,” she said.

Habba spent time with Trump as he visited “with many family members who got hurt by the Afghanistan withdrawal,” she said.

“He was motivating them and really being there as support, and that’s who he is.”

That visit comes amid news President Joe Biden is going to spent the next 9/11 anniversary in Alaska instead of any of the sites hit by terrorists in 2001.

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