According to a report by Axios, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will probably be invited to the White House for a meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Three current and former US officials told Axios that the meeting could happen during the third week of September.

According to the report, the Biden administration hasn’t confirmed if or when such a meeting will take place.

A source briefed on the issue told Axios that the meeting will probably focus concessions to the Palestinian Authority as part of any normalization deal with Saudi Arabia.

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One response to “Report: PM Netanyahu will be invited to DC for a meeting in September”

  1. I wonder when people are going to begin to have the discussion that jeez this really looks like the peace deal that starts the Tribulation?

    Secondly the very popular teaching that the rapture occurs pre tribulation is shaky at best when we do a thorough review of the scriptures. The body of scripture actually does not support this. Study to show thyself approved that no man may putteth ye asunder.

    In this reasoning many Christians may all of a sudden find themselves in the Tribulation unaware and/or unprepared mentally and spiritually. Not being prepared to endure and persevere through the tribulation.

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