Like many Democrat controlled cities, Seattle has a massive crime problem and a demoralized police force that is not nearly as big as it was just a few years ago.

Now the city is going to begin allowing unarmed ‘crisis responders’ respond to 911 calls.

This has ‘bad idea’ written all over it, even if these workers are going to respond to situations that are not perceieved to be life threatening.

A police officer never knows what they are walking into, and neither will these people.

FOX News reports:

Seattle starts hiring unarmed ‘alternate response teams’ to respond to 911 calls

911 calls in Seattle could soon be answered by unarmed “crisis responders” instead of police officers through a new “alternate response team” spearheaded by a Democratic council member.

Councilwoman Lisa Hebold announced on Friday that they are beginning to hire the first six new positions for a new pilot program to provide for unarmed “crisis responders” to respond to certain emergency calls.

“Well, you know, usually I’m complaining about how delayed we are and how frustrated I am that we’re not meeting our benchmarks for developing this program. But today I’m really, really happy to report that the city is hiring for the six positions for its first pilot alternate response team. It’s going to be a way for 911 operators to dispatch calls to somebody other than police, somebody other than fire, a crisis responder who is unarmed,” said Herbold.

Watch the clip below:

BREAKING: Seattle police and fire will no longer be answering to mental crisis calls.

“Crisis responders” or social workers, will be dispatched instead. They are not allowed to be armed 🧵

— Katie Daviscourt (@KatieDaviscourt) August 22, 2023

What could possibly go wrong? How long do you think this program will last?

Leftists keep trying to reinvent the wheel rather than relying on what has already been proven to work.

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