Artificial intelligence apps like ChatGPT are changing the way we do all kinds of things nowadays. And if one person on Reddit’s use of the app is any indication, they might even be able to change the way we think about some of the issues currently tearing us apart.

A trans person asked ChatGPT to make a Bible verse describing how Jesus feels about trans people, and the results were surprising.

Redditor Psychological_Dog 527’s post is as heartbreaking as it is fascinating. “I was feeling sad today,” they wrote, “so I asked ChatGPT to write a fake biblical passage about Jesus accepting trans people.”

The results truly sound like they could be ripped from a page of the Bible. ChatGPT has definitely nailed the formal, stentorian tone. But the content of the fake verse is even more fascinating.

The verse speaks of a woman “whose heart was divided between spirit and body” who comes to Jesus “in quiet despair,” begging Him for mercy as she worries she will be cast out of “the Kingdom of God” because her “spirit and body are not one.”

Contrary to what all too many Christians would have us believe about Christ nowadays, He responds to her not only with kindness, but with acceptance, calling her struggle “for unity within [herself]” a path to God’s truth. And he assures her that “God looks not upon the body, but the heart.”

“I know it’s not real,” the Redditor wrote, “but it gave me some comfort.” That comfort is likely much needed given the all-out attacks being launched against transgender people by America’s right-wing, nearly all of it in God’s name.

The verse has special resonance in 2023 because of the virulent transphobia and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and legislation that continues to sweep the country — much of it supported and funded by Christians.

So far, 2023 has seen a record-breaking number of anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed across the United States, breaking the previous all-time record set in 2022 just by the end of May.

The bills focus on everything from banning drag performances to denying trans people the gender-affirming medical care that the scientific and medical communities agree are essential and life-saving. Sickeningly, an enormous proportion of these bills are targeted at childrenSource – Read More!

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