Intense solar storms and eruptions caused disruptions in radio communication and satellite navigation systems across the western hemisphere in the past week. Two well-documented eruptions, at the beginning and end of the week, registered at level X, the most potent classification for solar eruptions, unleashed a sudden burst of radiation from the dark areas of the sun’s surface, known as “sunspots”. When this radiation reaches Earth’s ionosphere, a region within the upper atmospheric layers, it ionizes gas particles. This activity causes disturbances in satellite communication, including signals transmitted to navigation satellites. Solar weather experts anticipate that these powerful eruptions, accompanied by dozens of weaker ones, may lead to a sudden and forceful release of charged particles from the sun’s corona, an event known as a Corona Mass Ejection (CME). CMEs can cause changes in Earth’s magnetic field, and in extreme cases, might not only disrupt communication with satellites and spacecraft but also interfere with their operations and even result in power outages on Earth due to damage to high-voltage lines…Source – Read More!

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