In Pastor Greg Laurie’s second installment of his sermon series called “The End of the World” at the Harvest Christian Fellowship, he preached on the rapture, saying it’s “the next event on the prophetic calendar” and could occur at any time. However, no one knows the day or the hour. 

In the Aug. 6 sermon, Laurie encouraged the congregation and those watching worldwide to “get right with God” before the rapture happens, stressing that it “can happen at any moment.”

“The rapture is that moment when Christ descends from Heaven and we’re caught up to meet Him,” he said. “It is at this moment that we receive our new resurrection bodies, and that’s also at this moment that we are reunited with loved ones who have preceded us. The rapture is the first phase of the return of Christ.”

Christians should be ready for Christ’s return, Laurie stressed, and they should keep in mind that if they are struggling, it’s still not too late to repent and turn to God. 

“The Bible says, ‘Prepare to meet your God.’ You want to be ready to meet God. Are you ready to meet God? If Christ were to come back tonight, would you be caught up to meet Him in the air? Or would you be like one of those wicked people living a compromised life that would be left behind?”

“That can all change because Jesus died on the cross for your sin. He paid the price for every wrong you’ve ever done. And if you will turn from your sin and put your faith in Jesus to be your Savior and Lord, you can be forgiven and you can be given a fresh start, a new beginning.”

The rapture, Laurie said, is not something Christians should fear because it will be a time of great reunion, as believers will be reunited with loved ones who’ve died. 

Laurie quoted Paul of Tarsus who wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4:13, “We don’t want you to be uninformed brothers, about those who have died so that you will grieve as those who have no hope.”…Source – Read More!

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