The world is just a step away from nuclear conflict, North Korean Defense Minister General Kang Sun-nam ewarned in a statement made public on Tuesday and presented at the Moscow International Security Conference.

The official blamed Washington’s desire for regime change in Pyongyang for ratcheting up tensions. He also accused the US of increasing its military presence in the region by deploying nuclear-capable aircraft and a submarine to the area.

“Now, the question is not if a nuclear war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, but who starts it when,” Kang warned. In this year alone, the US sent “massive strategic arms” to the region, including a nuclear-capable submarine, an aircraft carrier group, and a nuclear-capable bomber, he added.

The US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 11, led by its flagship, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, arrived at a South Korean military port in late March, soon after Pyongyang unveiled its new, smaller nuclear warheads, which can supposedly be mounted on short-range ballistic missiles…Source – Read More!

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