Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Monday evening in a speech that his terror organization can return Israel to the Stone Age, similar to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s threats to do so to Lebanon.

Gallant said last week during a visit to Mount Dov that “I warn Hezbollah and Nasrallah not to make a mistake. You made mistakes in the past and paid very heavy prices. If, God forbid, an escalation or conflict develops here – we will return Lebanon to the Stone Age.”

During the speech to mark Victory Day in Second Lebanon War, Nasrallah said: “The Israeli army today is in its worst state. Lack of trust between the soldiers and the commanders and the command, a lack of trust between the army and the political echelon, the unwillingness to sacrifice, the lack of motivation to serve in the combat units, failure to improve this situation. Even when the army tried to make a ground invasion in Gaza, they were killed and kidnapped.

“They don’t have a real army achievement, certainly not a mighty and legendary army, all the achievements are only from the air. Now and in light of the political divide in Israel, its situation is the worst in relation to any point in time, and this is what senior Israelis and reserve officers are saying and this is something that has been in the headlines for the past two days between the government and the Chief of Staff and the Air Force. But the real blow to the army will be if the new recruitment law of the religious extremists is passed, they actually said that if this law passed it would be a severe blow to the army.”

Nasrallah further said that “since 2006 we see a change in the concept of security, we see passive and active defense, whether it is shelters and shielding or whether it is the interception of rockets and missiles, measures that were developed during the conflicts in Gaza. Iron Dome, David’s Slingshot, Patriot and Barak. Almost every year we do exercises to see the readiness of the home front for war, and you can hear the Israeli generals themselves saying that the home front is not ready.

“It was published in the media that there are 2.5 million Israelis who do not have protection and shelter. The most important thing is the trust that no longer exists in the home front and the unwillingness of the residents in these areas to pay the price and make sacrifices for the war, and this is also reflected in the army, and we have also seen it in recent months, especially with the government of the strange and delusional Netanyahu and the internal rift and the demonstrations and even before that.”…Source – Read More!

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