Bill Gates has a vision for how artificial intelligence could transform education — by mimicking your favorite high school English teacher.

Specifically, AI chatbots will soon be able to offer helpful feedback on essays, including how to write with more clarity and make well-reasoned arguments, Gates said on his “Unconfuse Me” podcast, in a recent episode featuring Khan Academy CEO Sal Khan.

It would be a huge step for global education, because today’s software programs are “not that great” at teaching reading or writing skills, the billionaire Microsoft co-founder added.

“Very few students get feedback [from software programs] on an essay that this could be clearer, you really skipped this piece and the reasoning,” Gates said. “I do think the AI will be like a great high school teacher who really marks your essay, and you go back and think, ‘OK, I need to step up there.’”

Gates stopped short of saying AI could — or should — ever replace human teachers. Rather, chatbots could assist overworked teachers and help “close the [education] gap” for low-income students around the world, he said.

For that to happen, AI tutoring programs will need to incorporate feedback from actual teachers on how the technology can best help them do their jobs, he added.

“When we bring new technology into the classroom, if we don’t do it well, the teacher feels like, ‘Oh, you’re trying to denigrate my creativity or freedom, or you’re suggesting I’m not capable on my own,’” Gates said. “And yet we all know teachers are heroic, one of the most important, hardest jobs in the world.”…Source – Read More!

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