You’ve probably been following in the news all the excited talk about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), also called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs). Recently, former military intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower, David Grusch, appeared before the House Oversight Committee’s National Security Subcommittee claiming the Executive branch agencies have been withholding real spacecraft and alien remains for decades.

And, earlier this year, the Biden and Trudeau administrations were both shooting suspected UFOs out of the sky: one blown up off the coast of South Carolina, another one up in Alaska, a third in the Yukon, and a fourth one in Michigan. Biden actually shot a sidewinder missile at the first UFO! It was hovering way up in the stratosphere some 60,000 feet up. The wreckage later confirmed it was, in reality, a Chinese spy balloon. The other three UFOs were discovered to be much smaller man-made devices that had been traveling lower some 20,000 feet up. Air Force officers, such as General Glenn VanHerck of NORAD, who when asked if UFOs were real, went on record as saying: “I’m not gonna categorize them as balloons. We’re calling them ‘objects’ for a reason.”

Well, I’ll say this, if we don’t know what something is, it is unidentified. If it’s in the air, then it’s flying. And, if its size is substantial, then it’s an object. So there you go — there are UFOs! But, are they extraterrestrial? I highly doubt it.

As an Air Force Colonel, I know there are technologies out there that would blow most people’s minds if they knew about them. Even when I was briefed on the top secret programs back in the early nineties, I was amazed at what could happen then. I would tell people that once the tech was at last declassified somewhere in the 2020-30s, people would exclaim, “Wow! We can do that?” The answer is, “No, we could actually do that 30 years ago!” So, there are some phenomenal technologies out there that are just coming to light.

We’re certainly getting mixed messages from the White House. The current White House press secretary has indicated the administration was not wanting to talk about extraterrestrials and aliens, but then we’ve got the general of NORAD and NORTHCOM speculating. The government seems hesitant to leave out the possibility of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Let’s just recognize this. There’s a great curiosity among all people as to what is by definition unexplained objects appearing above our heads. We often just don’t know what they are, so they’re unexplained…Source – Read More!

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