Harvard professor Avi Loeb predicted that the scientific discovery of an alien civilization — one that may potentially be billions of years old — will prompt humanity to unify. He talked to Fox News Digital for a wide-ranging interview that covered billions of years of history, and even interstellar fragments from the bottom of the ocean.

Loeb, a trained physicist who received his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the age of 24, said it was “arrogant of us to think that we are alone, that we don’t have a neighbor out there.” 

“There are tens of billions of planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone and hundreds of billions of galaxies like the Milky Way in the observable volume of the universe,” he said. 

“Perhaps noticing a neighbor will be a wake-up call that will bring us together,” Loeb said, speaking of humanity as a whole. “There might be many more neighbors that are far more accomplished than we are, and we can learn from them. So my hope is that it will bring humanity to a better place in the long term future.” 

Loeb also theorized that countless “dead” civilizations may exist in the galaxy. The question for the scientific community, he said, is to search for evidence of their existence. 

That process will likely be similar to “archeological digs” on Earth, Loeb said. 

“I call this space archeology, archeology in space, trying to figure out who preceded us. And when I say preceded,” Loeb clarified, “it’s by billions of years, not thousands of years, like on Earth.”…Source – Read More!

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