Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Thursday Poland was making a bigger deployment of men to its border, which he said would amount to 10,000 in all: 4,000 actually at the border supporting the Border Guard and a further 6,000 in the second line. The purpose of moving more men closer to the frontier was, Blaszczak said per Reuter’s report: “We move the army closer to the border with Belarus to scare away the aggressor so that it does not dare to attack us”.

The announcement came after an announcement by the Polish government on Wednesday that it was sending up another 2,000 troops to the border.

While tensions rose over Russia’s re-invasion of Ukraine last year and a period of intensive asymmetric warfare against Poland and the European Union by Belarus at the border the year before that, in fact the recent deployments have been in response to Russia’s mutinous Wagner mercenaries being exiled to Belarus this year. This move has been followed by a series of Belarussian military training exercises coming right up to the Polish border, including an incident where two military helicopters are said to have crossed into Polish, and therefore NATO airspace…Source – Read More!

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