Intensive excavation work at a sensitive section of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was completed, revealing several surprising finds. The week of intensive excavation was part of a $11 million, two-year renovation and archaeological excavation at the church, which is considered the holiest site for Christians in the world.

An announcement was made by the Custodia Terrae Sanctae, a custodian priory of the Order of Friars Minor in Jerusalem founded in 1217 by Saint Francis of Assisi, which oversees Christian holy sites in Israel. 

“Excavation work in the area immediately in front of the Aedicule, in the Holy Sepulchre complex in Jerusalem, was completed on June 27th, 2023, a communique from the order read. “It is part of the restoration program of the floor of the basilica. The archaeological investigations in this area were carried out by the Department of Antiquities of Sapienza University of Rome under the direction of Francesca Romana Stasolla. The particular location of the excavation area meant that the access to the Aedicule had to be temporarily closed. For the same reason, the excavation was carried out in a continuous cycle, in just seven days and seven nights of work.

The excavation work was carried out in the area in front of the Aedicule ( a small shrine) in the center of the Rotunda of the church.  The Aedicule has two rooms, the first holding the Angel’s Stone, which is believed to be a fragment of the large stone that sealed the tomb; as rolled away from Christ’s tomb on Easter morning. The second chamber is the “Tomb of Christ,” which contains the marble slab where Jesus’ body was believed to have been laid…Source – Read More!

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