Almost every day there is another “apocalyptic” natural disaster in the news.  Have you ever wondered why this is happening?  This year there has been an endless parade of unprecedented fires, floods, earthquakes, storms and droughts.  On Wednesday, it was Hawaii’s turn.  An absolutely horrifying wildfire ripped through the heart of the island of Maui like a lawnmower, and it happened so suddenly that many were not able to evacuate in time.  One pilot that has spent 52 years flying over Maui says that he has “never seen anything like that in my life”

Video footage shot by Air Maui Helicopter Tours over parts of the Lahaina area shows entire blocks were decimated by the flames, with little but ruins and ashes left, and everything still engulfed in a thick, hazy smoke.

“We were not prepared for what we saw. It was heartbreaking, it looked like an area that had been bombed in the war,” Richie Olsten, the director of operations for the tour agency, told CNN’s Jake Tapper Wednesday. “It’s just destroyed.”

“In my 52 years of flying on Maui, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” Olsten added.

By the time it is over, this could potentially end up being the most costly natural disaster in the modern history of Hawaii.

Many of the video clips and images of this disaster that are being posted on social media are truly horrifying.

HAWAII — Hundreds evacuated in areas grappling with wildfires on Big Island and Maui.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) August 9, 2023

This fire moved so fast that people were literally jumping into the ocean to escape it.

One man that took drone footage of this fire described the destruction that it is causing as “apocalyptic”Source – Read More!

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