Opinion: The US government brokers a circular agreement: Saudi Arabia benefits, Israel broadens its Middle Eastern ties and, in exchange, Iran’s nuclear initiative is safeguarded; How much are we willing to risk in order to expand the Abraham Accords?

As one might recall, American weapons and military equipment were given to Egypt after the historic peace accord with Israel, and that was also the case for the United Arab Emirates following the signing of the Abraham Accords. It’s clear for everyone to see that there is a deal going on, just as there was with the Moroccans who gave peace and received American recognition when it comes to Western Sahara.

That’s how peace works. It is not some Walt Disney fantasy, but a business in which each side benefits in one way and compromises in another. It is often sold to the public with much fanfare and so much sugar coating that you are likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. It’s okay, though, because that’s the way the world works…Source – Read More!

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