Overnight on Sunday, Israel reportedly carried out airstrikes in Syria, specifically targeting the capital of Damascus.

In recent months, Israel has carried out many strikes in Damascus for two reasons. Number one, Damascus International Airport is a transit point for Iranian weapons shipments heading through Syria to southern Lebanon and into the hands of Iran’s most lethal proxy, Hezbollah. Number two, a good deal of Iranian backed militias are based in and around Damascus, the home to weapons factories, which presumably produce advanced weapons that could and would be used against Israel.

So, what went down Sunday night in the Syrian capital? According to media sources in the region, Israel carried out strikes in Damascus, killing four soldiers of the Syrian army of Bashar Al Assad and also wounding several others. The Syrian regime works in tandem with Iran and Hezbollah throughout the country at these weapons factories, which were reportedly targeted last night.

Last year Israel shut down Damascus International Airport for the better part of a week because of weapons shipments coming in, many times, disguised as civilian flights.

Iran hasn’t quite gotten the memo. The more Israel has struck the Iranian regime and its assets in and around Damascus, the more it seems they continue to push. What we have here is essentially a collision course where Iran and Hezbollah say, “We are in Syria to stay,” and Israel says, “Oh, no, you don’t. This is a non-starter for us and an absolute red line,” for obvious reasons…Source – Read More!

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