I am so concerned about America’s young people.  Police are telling us that a YouTuber named Kai Cenat sparked a “full-on riot” on Friday when he announced that he would be giving away PlayStation 5 consoles and various video game accessories in New York City’s Union Square.  Thousands upon thousands of young people showed up, and the crowd quickly turned extremely violent.  If our young people are going to riot over a few video game consoles, how are they going to behave when economic conditions in this country become extremely harsh?  And what in the world is going to happen when they are extremely hungry and there isn’t enough food to go around someday?

As I covered in a previous article, a global famine has already begun.

The UN is telling us that 2.4 billion people already do not have enough food to eat.

But those of us that are fortunate enough to live in the western world simply do not understand how bad things have become on the other side of the planet.

Supplies of food are getting tighter and tighter, but our countries have the resources to buy up enough supplies to feed our populations.

So for now, we are seeing much higher prices, but we are not facing imminent shortages like they are in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere.

But once shortages do start happening here, will the U.S. population be able to handle that?..Read More!

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