A Christian pastor was reportedly beaten unconscious July 21 while officiating a funeral in Uganda — a terrifying moment that unfolded while the preacher was witnessing about Jesus.

Pastor Davidson Okirori, 39, told Morning Star News Muslims threw stones at him and then beat him after he spoke about Muhammad and Christ, differentiating the power and ministry of the latter from the former and explaining the importance of Jesus’ resurrection.

“The deceased, being a Muslim who converted to Christianity, I carried with me the Koran, Hadith of Bukhari, and the Bible to show to the mourners the fact of the unique and powerful resurrection of Jesus as the Son of God,” Okirori said. “While at the same time mentioning that Muhammad, being just a prophet of Allah, did not resurrect.”

The preacher, who serves at Covenant Church of God in Buwenge, called the opportunity a “good platform for me to witness the love of Christ to Muslims who had gathered at the funeral.”

But not everyone appreciated Okirori’s efforts. As he began to preach the Christian Gospel, he said someone called him an infidel, accused him of blasphemy, and then chaos broke out.

“When I started mentioning verses from all these books, I heard a young man shouting, ‘You kafir [infidel], stop misleading us — if you came to bury your people, bury them, but don’t use the Koran without getting ablution. This is blasphemy to our Allah,’” the pastor recounted…Source – Read More!

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