Unprecedented rainfall triggered by Typhoon “Doksuri” lashed Hebei province in China, affecting approximately 1.2 million residents who had to be evacuated. Zhuozhou city, known for its logistical significance and housing 600 000 inhabitants, emerged as the region worst hit by the deluge.

From 08:00 LT on July 29, 2023, to 11:00 LT on August 1, 2023, an average rainfall of 355.1 mm (13.98 inches) fell on Zhuozhou, as stated by local authorities. The resultant flooding affected an area of 225.38 km2 (55 710 acres), impacting 133 913 people from 146 villages. Additionally, the water supply was severed citywide on August 1, with power outages occurring in parts of the city. As a result, by Tuesday afternoon, 125 100 people from 124 villages had been safely evacuated.

Zhuozhou had formed 28 emergency rescue teams comprising 8 755 members, which collaborated with professional rescue teams, such as the Blue Sky Rescue Team, a well-known Chinese civil relief squad. However, the rescue efforts were hampered due to severed communication lines, with many residents losing cell phone connectivity.

This disrupted communication, coupled with citywide power outages, severely restricted cell phone charging, leading to residents being cut-off from others. Several stranded citizens, according to online help forms, urgently required dry food, water, and medication…Read More!

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