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Major Prophetic Events In the Making!


What is the ‘Abraham Accords’ and will this become the accord that brings about the final Peace Treaty between Israel and the Arab nations, a “Covenant with Many”, which ushers in the final 7 year tribulation period? Many who are watching and paying attention, it sure does seem that way. Time will tell. We are waiting, watching…LOOKING UP!

What Are the ‘Signs of the End’ According to Scripture?

The Apostles of Jesus Christ asked him “what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” Jesus Christ answered them and gave them very specific signs. Click on the button below to learn of those signs and, if you are paying attention, you will realize that all those signs are now playing out, in real time, right before our eyes! We ARE in the end times!

Rebuilding the Third Temple!

The Temple Institute is dedicated to making the Holy Temple a reality in our day, and toward this end, the Temple Institute has, for 36 years, been building, planning, researching, teaching and sharing their reconstructed sacred vessels, priestly garments, books and paintings, the red heifer candidates, teachings and insights.. They are ready to built the temple. It will happen at the right time!

Prophecy of Isaiah 17: Destruction of Damascus!

The Bible, in Isaiah 17, speaks of a future prophecy concerning Damascus, the Capital of Syria. It foretells the destruction of Damascus. As of this writing, the conditions are ripe for the fulfillment of Isaiah 17

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— Ozzie Roldan, End Times Prophecy Watch