Health care workers in California have gone on strike for over 75,000 workers, making it the biggest strike in US history. This has caused up to 13 million people to be held up in surgery, X-rays, and emergency procedures.

It all started on Wednesday when workers started protesting their wages and lack of staff. Kaiser Permanente, one of the biggest health care companies in the US, has 39 hospitals across the country.

Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit health insurance company based in California that provides coverage for 13 million people. They provide care to patients through clinics and hospitals they run or contract with. They have about 85,000 employees who are unionized and have voted to go on strike. They voted to strike for 3 days in CA, CO, OR and WA, and for 1 day in VA and W.D. When the strike deadline came around, union members were out in force to show their support.

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