The mouthpiece of Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded a huge thermonuclear blast that could set the world back decades. Margaret Simonyan called for the blast to be detonated over Siberia to get the West to back off on Ukraine. She said it was like going back to 1993 and that the explosion would disable all radio electronics.

The Putin mouthpiece gave us a lot of bad news, but a Kremlin spokesman said there’s no talk of a nuclear blast.

Even so, Simonyan said that an explosive series of attacks would take out all the radio electronics, all the digital stuff, and all the satellites. She also said that it would be like going back to 1993 or something like that, when they had corded phones. It was a great life, she said.

A Russian official has since said that they won’t be following Simonyan’s advice. They said that there’s no sign that they’re giving up on nuclear testing, but it could be tricky to drop a nuclear bomb. They also said that they don’t think it’s possible to talk about it right now.

Simonyan didn’t back down, saying that a nuclear ultimatum was “imminent”.

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