Sirens blared out across Russia today and children donned gas masks as part of a terrifying drill for an incoming nuclear attack. The eerie siren could be heard across the country and chilling messages were broadcast live as Putin forced his citizens to endure a WWIII drill.

Chilling footage even shows schoolchildren being taught how to correctly don gas masks.

Sirens and loudspeakers were sounded in all regions across Russia’s 11 time zones in drills that spawned two days. It was Russia’s first nationwide civil defence exercise as Putin  indoctrinates his people about the danger of the West triggering nuclear war.

A message sounded declaring: “Attention everyone,” as a bone chilling alarm bellowed out in cities and towns everywhere.

Emergency services gathered in hazmat suits to carry out protocol as part of Mad Vlad’s sick exercise. One group ran from a building with a dummy body on a stretcher accompanied by a pack of dogs. Heavily armoured and spiked doors also appeared to close off an underground bunker holding officials and Russian police.

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