A retired US defense official has written an article urging the bloc to fight a limited nuclear war with Russia. He says that if the US and China fight over Taiwan, it could lead to a full-blown war in Europe.

In the article, Gregory Weaver, who used to be the Chief of Staff for nuclear and missile defense, suggested that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons, either to avoid a battlefield defeat or to quickly win a conventional conflict like Ukraine. He said that if Russia did this, the West wouldn’t react in kind, and the situation could quickly escalate into a large-scale exchange of homes between the US and Russia.

Instead of fearing nuclear war, Weaver argues that the West should embrace it. NATO should equip its fighter jets and submarines with tactical nuclear weapons to deter a tactical Russian strike, and “convince Russian leadership that NATO is fully prepared to counter limited nuclear first use with militarily effective nuclear responses of our own.”

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