Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has spoken out against Christians and the violence they have faced in Israel. On Tuesday afternoon, he said that Israel is dedicated to protecting everyone’s right to worship and visit the holy places. He also said that any attempts to scare away worshippers will be met with swift and strong action.

“Derogatory conduct toward worshipers is sacrilege and is simply unacceptable. Any form of hostility toward individuals engaged in worship will not be tolerated,” Netanyahu added, in comments that were posted on social media in English.

Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said of incidents of spitting at people from other religions that : “An act of taunting nations using the name of religion and the name of heaven is a desecration of the name of heaven. The acts of provocation against members of other religions committed in Jerusalem must be condemned. This is nationalism that has no place and has nothing to do with Judaism.”

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