On September 8th, Morocco was hit by a huge earthquake, and while the world focused on helping those in need, scientists started to look into the mysterious light that sometimes precedes big seismic events. It’s a phenomenon that’s not totally understood by scientists, but King David may have been able to shed some light on it by looking at the Bible.

Morocco was hit by the 6.8-magnitude earthquake three weeks ago, which was the strongest recorded in the area. It killed over 2,900 and injured 5,500 people, and destroyed a lot of remote villages in the mountains.

People have also reported seeing earthquake light (ELL). It’s also called earthquake lightning (ELL) or earthquake flash. It’s a bright light that you can see in the sky when there’s a tectonic shock, earthquake, or volcanic eruption. It can look like regular lightning, or it can be like a band of light in the sky like the aurora borealis. You can see it for a few seconds, but it can last for hours. It usually happens when there’s a big earthquake, usually 5 or bigger.

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