Every year, we get to witness a bunch of amazing things in the sky. Whether you’re an experienced stargazer, or just a fan, these celestial happenings bring a smile to our faces. And even though it’s almost the end of the year, there’s still plenty of time to check out some of the biggest events in the night sky.

I think the most amazing thing is the meteor showers – they never get old! Comet trails burn up in our atmosphere, giving us a glimpse of the cosmos from space. These celestial travelers leave their mark on our planet, showing us how big the universe is and how the universe works beyond our atmosphere.

But in 2023, you won’t just be able to enjoy the meteor showers – you’ll also be able to experience two different types of solar eclipse. An annular eclipse is one of the most interesting – when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, it appears smaller than it is, creating a “ring of fire” effect.

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