The Republican candidates, with the exception of Donald Trump, all met for a debate on September 27th. Most of them agreed on the same issues, making it hard for them to differentiate themselves from each other. Trying to stand out made things sound a bit silly, but I was really impressed by the questions they asked.

They were different from the ones asked of Kennedy, Nixon, and Ford in 1960, and even the ones asked of Reagan and Ford in 1980. The questions in 2023 were desperate, because America is so different. In the opening of one question, Dana Perino pointed out that our nation is “deeply divided” and that crime is “a terrible scourge.”

In the second, she asked Governor Nikki Haley about American students who are struggling with academic performance, low math and reading scores, and chronic absenteeism, which has been called “education homicide.” In the third, she pointed out that more than 10,700,000 students in 18,000 schools have the option of changing their identity without their parents’ permission.

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