It’s no secret that the world is getting stranger by the month. In the past, talking about “UFOs” and “aliens” would have been met with a lot of skepticism.

But now, there are hearings in Congress and news outlets all over the place reporting new sightings. It’s pretty clear that something strange is happening in the sky, and it’s causing a lot of debate.

Are we being visited by something from outer space, or is it something else? Some of the planes that have been spotted are huge, like the “Delta-shaped” UFO that hundreds of people have seen over the past few years in Texas.

[Five months after Halloween in 2007, over 300 people living in and around Fort Worth, Texas started to report seeing strange lights in the sky. They said they saw a huge ‘Delta-shaped’ UFO that was hovering over campfires, driving past major highways, and gliding across the night sky. People estimated it to be anywhere from 300 feet to a mile long. Now, Netflix’s new show ‘Encounters’ has revealed more details about this huge object that was seen by over 300 people high up in the desert.]

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