If you think there’s a good chance something bad is going to happen, you’ll want to get ready for it. This week, there are two tests that sound pretty scary. The first one is happening in Russia, and it’s all over the news. It’s called the “Nationwide Nuclear Attack Exercise” and it’s been ordered by Vladimir Putin for the first time in Russia’s history.

[Russia is getting ready for a potential nuclear war by holding its first-ever nationwide nuclear attack drill across 11 time zones. It’s set to happen on October 3rd and will show off Vladimir Putin’s regime as a nuclear superpower.]

If Vladimir Putin thought there was no chance of a nuclear war, he wouldn’t have ordered these exercises. But he does think there’s a chance that the Ukraine conflict could lead to a nuclear war, and it’s been reported that the drills will be based on the assumption that martial law is in place in Russia and a nuclear strike by the West could wipe out 70% of the country’s housing.

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