Researchers have seen brain patterns in people who are dying that could be connected to what people call “near-death” experiences, like seeing things, feeling things outside of their body, looking back at their own lives, and other aspects of reality. The findings show that there’s a lot of evidence to back up the idea that NDEs are universal.

Dr. Sam Parnia and his team conducted a huge study over the course of a year in which they observed 567 people in 25 different hospitals around the world who had experienced cardiac arrest. Most of the people in the study were not resuscitated, but 53 of them experienced a sense of awareness while receiving CPR.

The EG signals taken from these patients showed that these episodes of heightened consciousness could last up to an hour. The researchers think that the transition between life and death can cause a disinhibited state in the brain that can help people understand new aspects of reality, including people’s deeper selves and how they interact with others. This is a really important finding that could have a big impact on CPR research, end of life care, and consciousness.

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