There’s been a lot of talk about AI and the end times, and now NASA has said they’re going to be using AI even more. They’re saying it’s going to be used to find and prove the existence of alien life and UFOs, but they don’t have enough data yet to make a definitive scientific statement about the origin of these things. It’s like they’re trying to point us in the direction of the Big Deception.

Bill Nelson, administrator of NASA, said that AI and machine learning will be used to find anomalies in the sky and to search for habitable reality. He said that AI is a great tool that shouldn’t be limited in what it can do. “AI can help us find hidden patterns in data,” he said. “It can help us find important signals buried in complex data sets.”

According to a report written by a 16-person independent research team on UAPs, advanced data analysis techniques like AI and machine learning are needed, along with systematic data collection and strong data management. NASA’s research on UAPs is different from the Pentagon’s, which is part of a larger collaborative effort.

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