It’s as if we are living in biblical times; a magnificent fireworks display of prophecies is taking place, though few seem to be paying attention. Many believers and pastors avert their gaze, believing that there is nothing to be seen. Nevertheless, God continues to shout his truth to the world with loud clarity: Jesus’ coming is close.

When peering at Israel on a world map, it’s barely visible and almost requires the use of reading glasses. Even though the majority of countries this miniscule receive hardly any attention on the international stage, however, right now, a whole lot of global characters are fixated on it and Jerusalem.

President Biden proposed a two-state solution as the way to attain tranquility in the middle east at a UN address. Netanyahu conceives that the Saudi Arabia pact could be put into action in early 2024, expressing a willingness to go through with the arrangement to some extent. The enthusiasm to divide up God’s Land implies that the Tribulation period is almost here, since it’s during this time when He will take revenge on those that split it (Joel 3:1-3).

The Scriptures indicate this will be fulfilled at the time of the end, verifying that the arrangement of these countries to divide Israel is precise prophecy being carried out in our day and age.

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