On Sunday, Focus Taiwan reported that Taiwan’s military had spotted a buildup of Chinese troops marshaling along the coast of Fujian Province, which borders the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese military exercises were taking place at Dacheng Bay in Fujian and reportedly included an unknown number of PLA warplanes, warships and ground troops. According to Indo-Pacific News, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense said that 20 Chinese planes had flown over the Taiwan Strait on Thursday.

On Sunday, Indian-Pacific News reported that ferries that had been modified for naval amphibious operations were in the process of being moved, either for a big exercise or something else. We need to pay close attention to this!

“In the past, exercises conducted by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Dacheng bay have mainly focused on unloading civilian semi-submerging vessels to move military vehicles and soldiers quickly to designated locations,” said Chieh Chiang, a research fellow at Taiwan’s National Policy Foundation. “The use of these vessels is a test to see if the PLA can support joint island landings if Taiwan deliberately damages its major ports or docks to stop a Chinese invasion at sea.”

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