According to Jordan’s King Abdullah, collective action is necessary to bring an end to the Palestine-Israel disputes. He emphasized that no progress can be achieved and the area will continue to suffer as long as this strife persists.

Consequently, the world has to come together to overcome this highly contentious issue and ensure peace and security in the region. Despite this, King Abdullah spoke in agreement with those at the UN who said the only reasonable response to the issue before the 1967 borders was a two-state solution with Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

The Hashemite leader noted that unless there is an understanding of what lies ahead for the Palestinians, it will be impossible to reach an agreement on how to resolve the dispute. He pointed out that five million Palestinians are living as individuals with no civic rights, no mobility, and no authority over their lives.

Therefore, every resolution since the beginning of the conflict views the Palestinians as entitled to a life of peacefulness, esteem, and optimism. He declared that the only way to find a comprehensive, permanent resolution is through a two-state solution.

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