Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed recent so-called “normalisation” deals between Israel and Arab states, stressing that Palestinians must not have “veto” over such agreements.

Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday morning, Netanyahu lauded the prospect of formal relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, underscoring the United States’s role in efforts to broker a pact between the two countries.

The Israeli prime minister also condemned the Iranian government and called on the international community to take a more stern position against Tehran.

Here, Al Jazeera looks at five key takeaways from Netanyahu’s address:

Says Palestinians must not have veto over ‘normalisation’

Netanyahu outlined what he called his vision for “peace” in the Middle East, in which Arab states would embrace Israel regardless of the Palestinian issue.

“I’ve long sought to make peace with the Palestinians. But I also believe that we must not give the Palestinians a veto over new peace treaties with Arab states,” he said.

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