Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface startup, Neuralink, is facing fresh controversy as it secures approval for human clinical trials, with emerging reports unveiling disturbing details about animal deaths during experiments and allegations of misleading investors about the safety and developmental history of the device.

Popular Science reports that Neuralink has recently received the green light to initiate a six-year-long human clinical trial, focusing primarily on quadriplegic volunteers, especially those grappling with spinal column injuries and ALS. However, the air of anticipation is tainted with serious concerns and allegations surrounding the company’s research practices and the safety of its groundbreaking technology. A detailed investigation has brought to light the unsettling circumstances surrounding the deaths of monkeys used in Neuralink’s preliminary experiments. Elon Musk has staunchly denied that the deaths were a direct consequence of the implants, maintaining that the chosen test subjects were “close to death already.” However, these assertions are contradicted by accounts revealing severe complications, including chronic infections, paralysis, and brain swelling, experienced by the test subjects, necessitating euthanasia.

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