As high watch times come and go, weary saints sometimes ask, “How much longer, Lord? Why not now?”

The convergence of signs gets our hopes up; this must surely be the season (and it surely is). But still we wait with the assurance that at some point, the Lord will reward our patience (2 Timothy 4:8).

It feels like the Tribulation is so close we can almost reach out and touch it. Some speculate that it has already begun because they see so many of the conditions described in Revelation 6:1-8. These, however, are mere precursors to a time that will be far, far worse than anything we currently see. They are the Lord’s way of warning people of what lies ahead.

At times like these, the words of Scripture bring the most comfort to me and I suspect they do the same for you. We endure because the words on the pages of our Bibles ring out with the good news that Jesus will take us home to glory before the start of the Tribulation.

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[Jonathan Brentner is an authorwriter, and Bible Teacher with a passion for encouraging believers with a sound biblical worldview and the nearness of Jesus’ appearing.]

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