The rapidly growing chasm that exists between the ultra-wealthy and all the rest of us is not good for our society.  In recent years, our leaders flooded the system with enormous mountains of money, and all of that money greatly enriched those at the very top of the economic food chain.  Unfortunately, all of that money also created a tremendous amount of inflation which has been crushing the standard of living for millions upon millions of hard working Americans.  We just witnessed the largest decline in real median household income since 2010, the child poverty rate in the U.S. has more than doubled, and this year homelessness is rising in our nation at the fastest pace ever recorded.  So many Americans are deeply suffering right now, and we need to remember that they are real people with real emotions.

It can be absolutely soul crushing to work as hard as you possibly can but still find yourself falling farther and farther behind.

And when people come to the conclusion that they simply cannot take care of themselves no matter what they do, many of them will start to go completely nuts.

Without a doubt, economic desperation is one of the factors that is fueling the massive crime wave that I have been documenting in my articles in recent months.

Theft is going to cost U.S. retailers over 100 billion dollars in 2023, and stores are being permanently shut down in our core urban areas at a staggering pace.

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