President Biden’s ‘stupid’ policies are allowing Chinese spies to use the southern border to gain entry into the U.S. and pose a long-term threat to national security, warns a top Republican.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., told that there has been a ‘massive increase’ of Chinese nationals tied to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that have gained access to the U.S. by crossing over the border. 

And there have been over 17,800 Chinese nationals released into the U.S. this year alone, he claimed.

Green called the ‘stupidity’ of the Biden administration’s border policies currently in place ‘mind-blowing’ because now Chinese spies could act as ‘saboteurs’ in the same manner Russian military men established residency in Ukraine before the invasion.

‘Look, the Russians did just that. They infiltrated migration. Middle aged military men, you know, go into Ukraine, established residency, and then they were the saboteurs during the invasion.’

He said he’s ‘not suggesting’ that China will invade the U.S., but if America were to defend Taiwan against a CCP-led attack, ‘who’s to say there isn’t the saboteur in that in that line?’

‘Why are we just so willy nilly about this?’ continued Green, who is vowing to get to the bottom of it.

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