There is a sense among readers that the next proverbial shoe is about to drop—i.e., something big is about to happen, or break, or however one wishes to put it.

With all the movement in the world that, from the spiritual perspective, assaults morality every day, comes anxiety I hear expressed consistently. It goes something like: “I just hope the Rapture happens before they are able to put us all in prison, or worse.”

The anxiety comes across in different phrasing, but the angst is there and growing. And with all that’s going on, one can’t disagree totally that such worry isn’t somewhat warranted.

My own intention is to steer away from getting absorbed in the political process. I’ve gotten too immersed in such “hope” before and now realize that it isn’t earthly politics but heavenly prophetic truth we should base our hope on. Hope in the future, yes, but hope in the near time as well.

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Terry James is an author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy.

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