Are Christians the troubles of society? That’s the question that has echoed down through the ages, all the way back to when the prophet Elijah showed up at Mt. Carmel and King Ahab bitterly asked him, “Is this you, you troubler of Israel?” (1 Kings 18:17). Well, we’ve come full circle, as many in our society would label Christians as the new troubles of our society. Christians are being accused of holding back the “progress” Progressives believe they are making.

All throughout the history of the Church, somewhere Christians have lived under persecution. Even the New World was founded by Christian Separatists and Puritans who needed to escape religious persecution. Americans have been so blessed since the 1600s to live in a country that historically has stood on Judeo-Christian values. Therefore, Christians in this country have felt safe. But, no longer. Many Christians in the West are not feeling particularly safe anymore. Today’s society is instead defined by people calling good evil and evil good, as Isaiah 5:20 warns.

Even non-Christians have understood that for many years the Christian foundations of America have provided liberty to all. Jewish commentators such as Dennis Prager have spoken about how Christianity has been a very positive influence on society, providing both moral and legal foundations that guide how we interact as a civilization. Prager also warns that as our Judeo-Christian foundations are broken down, the result will be our society pitching over into chaos. Our society is indeed breaking down, and not just in the “crazy corners” of America, but in places that are quite surprising.

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