Rabbi Yehuda Glick will be manifesting the prophecy of Joel on Sunday when he blows a shofar on the Mount of Olives to celebrate 5,784 years of creation. “In accordance with Jewish tradition, we observe the span of six days bridging from the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Elul to the onset of Tishrei’s first day, a period reverently honoring the six days of creation,” Rabbi Glick explained. “The inaugural day of Tishrei, also known as the seventh month, is named “YOM TERUAH” in the Torah—an occasion dedicated to resounding acclamations in honor of The King, the originator of our world, none other than Hashem, the Almighty God.”

“Esteemed by our Sages as Rosh Hashana, this day is consecrated by the resonant echoes of the Shofar, symbolizing the proclamation of His Sovereignty, a momentous coronation,” Rabbi Glick said.

The Torah states this explicitly:



Speak to B’nei Yisrael thus: In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe complete rest, a sacred occasion commemorated with loud blasts. Leviticus 23:24

“Embedded within our tradition lies the belief that creation sprang forth from the very cornerstone housed within the Holy of Holies, whereupon rested the Ark of the Covenant,” Rabbi Glick said. “As we embark upon the commencement of these days of creation, we extend an earnest invitation to individuals from every corner of the world to unite with us in the magnificent coronation of the Creator of the Universe.”

Rabbi Glick lamented that the event could not be held in its most appropriate location; the Temple Mount.

“Regrettably, due to political restrictions, the Israeli authorities do not permit the sounding of the Shofar upon the sacred grounds of Zion, the Temple Mount,” Rabbi Glick said. “Consequently, we shall resound the Shofar atop the Mount of Olives, with Zion in our sight, as we reverently acknowledge the hallowed Foundation Stone, thereby bestowing a regal coronation upon the Creator.”

Last year at this time, Rabbi Glick was detained by police on the Temple Mount for playing the sound of a shofar on his cell phone as a symbolic representation of  the Jewish custom to blow the shofar after morning prayer in the current month of Elul in order to wake the heart to repentance.  Over the course of the next few weeks, Rabbi Glick was detained several times by the Israeli police for blowing the shofar at a site adjacent to the Temple Mount.

Two weeks ago, a group of advocates including rabbis and a farmer Knesset member has submitted an official request to  Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s Minister of National Security, asking for permission to blow the shofar on the Temple Mount on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. There has been no response from the government.

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