Coronavirus restrictions could come roaring back as Election Day draws closer, as Sen. Ted Cruz warned the most “deadly” coronavirus variant could emerge a year from now, ahead of the election: The “election variant.”

“Look, this is utterly absurd, mask mandates are wrong and for the left this has become, it’s a combination of a number of things,” Cruz said during an episode of his podcast, Verdict.

“Number one, it’s an article of faith. Number two, it’s a virtue signal. It shows just how self-righteous they think they are,” he said, noting that he recently witnessed a “very prominent Democrat Senator” walking the halls of the Capitol with an N95 mask on alongside a staffer.

Further, Cruz said these rules are about “controlling people, whether it’s mask mandates, whether it’s vaccine mandates, whether it’s having the 437th booster. Enough is enough is enough,” he said, warning that the left’s scheme is only going to become more apparent as the election draws closer.

“By the way, a year from now we are going to see the most deadly COVID variant ever seen: the ‘election variant,’ and before the election they’re going to need to shut everything down because they want to have mail-in balloting for everyone because they think it helps elect Democrats,” Cruz predicted.

“Enough is enough is enough. If you want to wear a damn mask, fine, but don’t be a hypocrite, and don’t try to force other people to,” he continued.

Cruz also responded to Dr. Anthony Fauci attempting to explain away studies that show masks are not very effective.

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