Schools all over America are starting to bring the masks back, and many parents are responding with outrage.  After everything that we have been through the past few years, many were hoping that the days of masks, restrictions and mandates were behind us.  But now we are being told that COVID cases are on the rise, and many officials are deciding to implement the same measures that they did in 2020 and 2021.  If this is already taking place while the number of COVID cases is still relatively low, what will happen if we see a huge spike in cases this winter?

It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to see kids wearing masks in states that are very liberal, but this is even happening in a deep red state such as Alabama

Kinterbish Junior High School in Alabama has asked all students, staff and visitors to start wearing face masks in classrooms and hallways ‘due to the slow rise of Covid cases in the area’ since late last month.

Alabama’s Talladega City School district which serves more than 1,700 students has also urged children and staff to wear masks, but stressed they are ‘encouraged but not required.’

In Montgomery County, Maryland, every single child at Rosemary Hills Elementary School will now be required to wear KN95 masks for a period of 10 days.  The following comes from WTOP

Students and staff in one class at a public school in Montgomery County, Maryland, are being told that they must wear masks for the next 10 days after three “or more” people tested positive for COVID-19.

In a letter sent home to parents on Tuesday, Rosemary Hills Elementary School principal Rebecca Irwin Kennedy wrote that KN95 masks would be distributed and students and staff in “identified classes or activities” will be required to mask up while in school for the next 10 days “except when eating or drinking.”

The letter states that after a 10-day period, “masks will become optional again.”

This new mask mandate is being implemented because three kids have tested positive for COVID.

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