Tucker Carlson has claimed the United States ‘hates’ Russia because ‘it’s a Christian country’ – amid claims in Moscow that he’s trying to land an interview with Vladimir Putin.

The former Fox News star told MCC Feszt, a social, political and cultural festival in Hungary, that Russia is like Hungary in that both are nations ‘built on Christian precepts’. 

‘That is enough to incite our policy makers in the United States and that is exactly why they hate Russia,’ he said.

Carlson told the audience at the festival – which ran through the final weekend of July – that he is ‘not a fan of Russia’.

He added: ‘One thing that Russia and Hungary have in common is a big part of the population identify as Christians. Why would that be provocative?

The world is realigning at high speed, and turning against the United States. But the Biden Administration is spending its time harassing one of our last sincere allies in Europe, Hungary, for the crime of being too Christian. Watch.

(Tucker’s Speech in Budapest) pic.twitter.com/yppDft6YIi— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) August 26, 2023

‘A huge part of Malaysians identify as Muslim. Fine with me. But it’s not fine with Washington at all, it’s deeply offensive to see that alive in Europe. And that is the core – it’s not rational, this is happening on a gut level, but it is expressed through policy.’

Hungary, a member of both the European Union and NATO, has come under scrutiny from western leaders because of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s favorable approach to Russia and his reluctance to support military aid for Ukraine.

The country has also faced criticism after the recent passage of laws which critics say impose curbs on LGBTQ rights. The US has publicly denounced the legislation.

A clip of Carlson’s 27-minute speech was posted to X as the editor-in-chief of Russia Today, the Kremlin-controlled Russian news organization, said Carlson was trying to secure an interview with Putin.

Margarita Simonyan told a show on the Russian network Rossiya-1: ‘[Carlson] is strongly requesting an interview with Vladimir Putin. It would be great if someone listens and notifies the president about this.’

In comments translated from Russian, she said Carlson is ‘doing a great job’ and is ‘the most popular host in all of US history’. 

Carlson previously tried to fix an interview with Putin in 2021, when he discussed the plan with ‘Kremlin intermediaries’, Axios reported. 

Carlson has moved his show to X since he was fired from Fox earlier this year in the wake of the network’s $787 million settlement with the vote counting company Dominion.

He interviewed former President Donald Trump last week in a clip that was ‘viewed’ more than 250 million times, although critics say the number is not a reliable measure for success because it includes anyone who saw the post, regardless of whether they watched any of it.

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