Donald Trump has made history by becoming the first former president to pose for a mugshot after his arrest for trying to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia – and he shared the image on X, the platform formally known as Twitter. 

The 77-year-old was arrested for the fourth time this year and fingerprinted by authorities at the Fulton County jail. 

Unlike with his previous three arrests – in New York City, Miami and Washington DC – on Thursday in Atlanta he had his booking photo taken. 

It was his first tweet since January 2021.

Trump’s height of 6ft 3 and weight of 215lbs were recorded and, as part of the booking process, he was given a prisoner identification number: P01135809. 

He was then released on payment of 10 percent of his $200,000 bail, having spent less than 20 minutes inside the infamous facility. 

The former president traveled to Georgia on Thursday afternoon from his Bedminster, New Jersey, home. 

His motorcade went first to Newark airport, and the New York-born billionaire boarded his Boeing 757 to fly to Atlanta.

He touched down in Atlanta shortly after 7pm, and, waving at the waiting media and giving the thumbs up, he stepped down from the plane and was driven 14 miles to the jail.

Trump’s arrival at the Fulton County jail on Rice Street in downtown Atlanta was greeted with loud cheers by his supporters, and some boos from detractors.

He spent around 25 minutes inside the decrepit facility, where seven people have died in custody since the start of this year, and was processed far more quickly than other accused criminals.

Trump’s height and weight were recorded, as well as his hair and eye color.

His fingerprints and booking photo were taken, and his bond money paid.

By 7:55pm on Thursday he was back in his motorcade and en route to Atlanta airport.

Trump declared on the tarmac that it was ‘a very sad day for America.’

He said it was ‘a travesty of justice’ – adding: ‘We did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong.’

Trump said: ‘This is election interference. So I want to thank you for being here. We did nothing wrong. We had every right, every single right, to challenge an election we think was dishonest.’

He then boarded his plane, and flew back to New Jersey.

Ahead of his surrender, Trump criticized Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, calling her a ‘Radical Left, Lowlife District Attorney‘.

His surrender came hours after Willis set a date for the trial.

She requested that Trump‘s trial begin on October 23 – a date widely viewed as being impossibly soon.

Also on Thursday, his former chief of staff Mark Meadows surrendered to cops

A handful of other Trump allies and ‘co-conspirators’ who turned themselves into the Georgia prison this week had their mugshots released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. 

They are accused of joining a ‘conspiracy’ led by Trump to unlawfully change the outcome of the election.

Among them was ‘America’s Mayor’, Rudy Giuliani, who faced the humiliation of having his mugshot taken after getting booked at the Atlanta jail on Wednesday. 

In the image, Giuliani can be seen looking straight ahead, showing a slight frown, with industrial lighting shining on his forehead and a sheriff’s badge on the wall to his right. 

The former Trump lawyer is facing 13 felony counts, including RICO charges – the same number as Trump. 

It was a stunning and symbolic turnaround for Giuliani, a former mob boss prosecutor, who famously used the RICO Act to take down the Mafia in the 1980s during his time as a Manhattan prosecutor. 

Trump slammed the arrest of Giuliani in a Truth Social post after the release of the 79-year-old’s mugshot. 

‘The greatest Mayor in the history of New York City was just ARRESTED in Atlanta, Georgia, because he fought for Election Integrity. THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED & STOLLEN. HOW SAD FOR OUR COUNTRY. MAGA!’ Trump wrote. 

Mark Meadows immediately had a jail record in the Fulton County system that included details like his height and weight – 6-foot-1 and 240 pounds – respectively. 

It described him as having blue eyes and ‘gray or partially gray’ hair.  

In the photo released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, he angrily glares directly into the camera with a slight snarl on his lips. 

The first co-defendants to turn themselves in were attorney John Eastman and bail bondsman Scott Hall, who arrived at Fulton County jail on Tuesday.

Eastman wrote a memo laying out steps Mike Pence, the then-vice president, could take to interfere in the counting of electoral votes while presiding over Congress’ joint session on January 6, in order to keep Trump in office. 

Former Georgia GOP chairman and state legislator David Shafer and former Coffee County GOP chair Cathy Latham turned themselves in at the jail early Wednesday morning – both of their bonds set at $75,000. 

They have all since been released.

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